IVECO Previews New Stralis X-WAY

IVECO Previews New Stralis X-WAY


A light off-road truck offering best-in-class pay load capacity and the ultimate fuel efficiency technology.

IVECO Previews New Stralis X-WAY

The X-WAY combines the legendary Trakker chassis strength with all the fuel saving and safety features of the New Stralis. It offers all the performance and comfort benefits of our most advanced long haul on-road trucks like the latest XP, together with the robustness of our toughest off-road vehicle.

"With the X-WAY, our customers can have the confidence to tackle the uneven and sometimes challenging terrain encountered during the 'last mile' when delivering to construction sites"

The Stralis X-WAY pushes the boundaries when it comes to its exceptionally low kerb weight. This combined with the sturdy chassis, gives the best payload capacity in the market in its category with its Super Loader (SL) version on a 8x4 chassis offering kerb weight as low as 9 tonnes- the lowest in the industry.

"High productivity, safety and excellent total cost of ownership (TCO) for light off-road missions: this is what our customers can expect from our brand new truck"

The wide line-up of high efficiency engines, available with displacements of 9, 11 and 13 litres ensures there is a solution to suit every mission- all of them delivering excellent fuel economy and a powerful performance. The Hi-SCR engine technology with no EGR and no parked regeneration, dramatically cuts emissions and increases fuel efficency, while lowering maintenance costs. It is particularly well suited to construction logistics missions where the absence of EGR- which lowers power density- also brings benefitsn in terms of payload, as it makes the vehicle lighter.

The Stralis X-WAY offers a choice of cabs: the AD (Active Day) short cab with low roof, AT (Active Time) sleeper cab with low or medium roof, and for ultimate comfort, AS (Active Space) sleeper cab, which was designed around the driver for long-haul missions of the New Stralis XP. Drivers will be just as comfortable and safe on the longer on-road sections of their missions and on the shorter off-road drives when collecting or delivering a load on a jobsite.

The Stralis X-WAY will compete for the prestigious "International Truck of the Year 2018" award and is available to order from Emerald Truck & Van. Please contact us for more information: 

Tel: 1 429 7600  Email:

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